CWL Announcement 2021-02 - VA COVID-19 Flexibilities Rescission104Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-03 - Freddie Mac HomeOne127Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-04 - COVID-19 Matrix Updated124Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-05 - Reminder April 30 deadline to submit legacy URLA loan submissions108Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-06 - LPA Documentation of Funds to Close on a Refinance and FHA New Construction Financing Job Aid129Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-07 - Power of Attorney Job Aid Now Available99Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-08 - VA Entitlement Eligibility-National Guard Service106Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-09 - LPA Updates_Updated Requirements for Refinance Transactions, Prorated Real Estate Tax Credits, Future Long-Term Disability Income and Pay Off of PACE Obligations143Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-10 - FHA Eligibility Requirements for Certain Non-Permanent Resident Borrowers108Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-11 - DU and LPA Area Median Incomes 2021139Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-12 - Introducing Fannie Mae RefiNow Option148Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-13 - LPA Verification of Deposit (VOD) Update143Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-14 - Updates to RefiNow Program151Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-15 - FHA Student Loan Payment Calculation144Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-16 - COVID-19 Update_Extension of FHA Temporary Guidance for Verification of Self-Employment and Rental Income103Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-17 - COVID-19 Update-VA Circular 26-20-10, Change 2, Updated Lender Guidance for Borrowers Affected by COVID-19107Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-18 - VA Enhancement-Reduced FICO Score and Conventional Enhancements-DU Asset Documentation for Refinance Transactions and DU Borrower Eligibility137Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-19 - CFPB Changes to QM Definition131Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-20 - Reduced FICO Score on FHA Transactions99Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-21 - Conventional Update-LPA Gift Funds Used to Pay Earnest Money Deposit102Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-22 - Updates to Conventional Guidelines148Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-23 - DU Authorized User Accounts and COVID-19 Conventional Update190Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-24 - VA IRRRL Certificate of Eligibility and Quick Reference Table for Student Loan Requirements108Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-25 - Disaster Area Declarations135Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-26 - FHA Streamline Refinance Guidelines Now Available127Kb
CWL Announcement 2021-27 - Updates to FHA and FHA Streamline Guidelines199Kb
CWL Announcement 2022-01 Conventional Loan Amounts Increasing133Kb